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Our Story

We are a husband & wife team. I dream up all the ideas at Four Kids' Farms and Bert makes it become realty. We have four kids that are always the center of our work. FOUR kids, yes you heard right, so we have plenty of hands working with the animals and helping to raise them in a loving environment. Our first dog together was a poodle, Bell. Bell has helped shaped Four Kids' Farms. We were dating when Bert bought her for me over 13 years ago. Once we got her home, we noticed she had huge fleas & ticks on her. Her ears were even matted shut but it was love at first sight. We cleaned her up and she was the best dog. We could tell she was mistreated so that gave me the idea of raising pups in such a positive & loving environment. Dogs truly have a way of making a huge impact on a person's life. Bell was my saving grace. She was there through all of my life's major events, when I went to college, graduated, got engaged, moved, bought our first home, got married, through all four of my kids and buying our second home. My goal is to help you find your saving grace.






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